Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Team Member

Thanks Amy for sending me the invite to this team and so fast too! I must admit I am a long time knitter but have a shoulder injury from work that has kept me from doing almost no knitting at all for the last 8 or so years. At that time I was just about going crazy from knitting withdrawl symptoms, and I finally got the hang of crocheting and I love it. I have just started re-learning how to knit but using continental method this time. So I am finding that it will be possible for me to knit again. I do think now that crochet is my larger love with knitting a very close second. Oh boy it feels good to knit again. I have been practicing my continental knitting by making some practice felted items, working up to a large sized felted Booga Bag. Progress is being charted on my blog of my Booger
My event for the Knitting Olympics is socks. I have decided I need a pick-me-up as work has been a major drag for me these days. My solution: a pair of funky wild coloured knit Olympic socks for me! I got some yarn for a pair of socks for husby too, and if all goes really well I might increase my athletic output during the Olympics to try for two pairs of socks.I will be very happy to complete just the one pair before the closing ceremonies. That in itself will be a real acomplishment in knitting for me. The pattern is Sassy Stripes Knitted Socks (ribbed from top to bottom) and the colour I chose for my socks is Spring and the colour of husby's socks is Swish. If you want to see it the pattern is a free pattern at the Moda Dea website
I would post pics but my modem is acting up today. I guess it needs a reboot!

Happy Knitting to all you Hookers! I can't wait! ONLY ONE DAY LEFT UNTIL OPENING CEREMONIES!!!


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