Thursday, February 23, 2006

No Time to Knit Today!

Gotta surprise tonight from my husby and my son! Ok well not quite a surprise I knew we were getting them but I they were here when I got home. ! Yes our .Team Canada Jerseys! Now I am just waiting for my Knitting Olympics Canadian Team Jersey to arrive and I am good to go!

Ok I was out shopping pretty much all day for Baptism gifts for my four (yes I said four!!!) Grandkids. *Think I should wear my new jersey to the church? (wink)* And yes I totally broke the 'Bank of Granny' Oh well gotta love it! after all they are my darling grands and this will only happen once in their lives. I am just so happy it will be a very special day for them.
My problem... NO KNITTING TODAY! and ya it's all their faults! and yes I am pouting! is this where I say Na-na na-na na na ???? LOL
Well I am off to knit now for the rest of the 'until i fall asleep from doing the mall for so long today'! I am so glad that I am actually ahead of schedule on the second sock event. Oh ya a pic... hang on brb.......

second sock.... SOCK where are you.....
hmmm it wandered off on me!

oh there you are ...keeping DH company! ROFL! (much to large a dose of mall today)

ok here ya go a pic...
see I am almost done!


Blogger Vera said...

Great job! You'll be done very soon.

1:27 AM  

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