Monday, February 13, 2006

Change of plans

I was getting nowhere on my Shimmer Aran. I've only got an inch done. I think that, since I haven't been knitting much, I should have picked something a little less complicated, particularly since I'm also in the Crochet Olympics.

So I've decided to make the Teal Hogget from Wendy Knits. I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in color #CW800, Prairie Lupine. I had been going to make my crocheted sweater out of this, but didn't have enough.

I think that this will be a challenge for me because it's knitted, and there will be shaping.

I didn't frog the Shimmer Aran. When the Olympics are over I'll go back to it. By then I'll have more knitting practice and hopefully the stitches won't look as weird. I feel kind of like I'm wimping out though...oh well.

Edited to add
It's not so much that Shimmer Aran is complicated. I didn't really explain the problem very well. The welt is cables and seed stitch, and the sweater is all cables, which I don't have a problem with. It was more that there were so many stitches (264) and it was taking so long. It was sport-weight yarn. For someone who gets bored quickly with knitting, sport-weight yarn is probably the wrong choice, and I should have realized that, but I was excited about all the cables.


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