Friday, February 03, 2006

Lace Race

Hi Team Mates!

I'm Brae in Oshawa, Ontario. I'm a lifelong crocheter but took up knitting a month ago and absolutely fell in love with lace knitting. It's keeping me on my toes ... er, fingers? ... so it's definitely a challenge for me. I'm also a member of Team Canada and will be a loyal knit-thlete on both teams!

So lace will be my event for the Knitting Olympics ... I'm attempting the Flower Basket Shawl from Interweave. Actually finishing it is debatable as this will be my first complete project. Everything else was put on hold while I practiced lace knitting and I have no idea how long it takes me to complete something with two sticks.

Looking very forward to the Opening Ceremonies!

All hail Team Hooker!


Blogger Kim Werker said...

Hi Brae! I've had that shawl on my to-do list for ages. I'm psyched to see how yours turns out (of course you'll finish it! :)

10:13 AM  
Blogger Vera said...

I love that shawl, and I've been wanting to make it too.

4:47 AM  

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