Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Is That Your Final Answer?

Even though on my own blog I've made the final decision about what I'm going to knit, I figured I was safe enough to change my mind until I declared it here. Oh man, I've never gone through such torture (fun torture though) in trying to figure out what to do with yarn! I've never read through so many patterns in all my born days! I've been 'going to' knit either a lace beret, a lace shawl, an almost lacey capelet, a new top for myself, or a top for my daughter. ("Mom! My friends will never speak to me if I wear something homemade!" Sheesh, teens!)

So, while it's not lace, and I don't have a single child or even a pregnant Mom-to-be to give it to, I've decided to go easy on myself and knit Granny Smith from Berroco. (Heck, just getting to this decision was hard enough work!) I bought my new circs and the yarn for it today - off-white and a deep wine colour. Strawberries and Cream?

Tia, now you've got me thinking ... maybe I'll crochet some little strawberry shapes to use as button flaps, and, well, I could never do intarsia, so maybe I'll try some duplicate stitch berries here and there on the sweater!

And THAT is my final answer!


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Hey! I'm pregnant!

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